Yawn… Microsoft Announces Free Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Solution

Back in November, Microsoft announced an anti-malware application (currently code-named Morro) will be released for free in the second half of 2009.  What do I say?  It’s about time!

Microsoft already has an anti-malware solution, however.  It is called OneCare, and they charge fifty bucks for it – yearly.  It hasn’t been doing so well.  And why should it?

As a consumer, when I buy something, I expect it to work.  If it doesn’t, it seems to me there is obviously a problem.

Viruses exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system; the fewer the vulnerabilities, the fewer the viruses running rampant on the Internet.  Essentially, Microsoft is charging to fix problems caused by their own software.  That seems honorable, no?  Needless to say, I’m not jumping for joy at the news of Morro coming down the pipeline.  Should it not be the responsibility of Microsoft to either release secure operating systems – or repair the damage caused by insecurities?

What if we were talking about cribs?  Would you shrug your shoulders as your infant tumbles to the ground, risking life and limb, in a poorly constructed crib?  We as consumers have been trained to have different expectations from different industries.  Granted, data is nothing more than ones and zeros, but I know few people who would see losing their computer to a virus as anything but detrimental.  Why have we come to not expect the same quality of software providers that we expect from all other businesses?

Regardless, I think we’d all be crazy not to install Morro when it comes out.  You can’t beat the price, and it certainly can’t make things worse, right?  Well, this is assuming it doesn’t have vulnerabilities of its own.


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