Amazing Technology

Wow, now that I can totally blog from my phone, maybe I’ll do it more often.  Or not.  Technology never ceases to amaze me.

The Most Amazing Application Ever

Wow, I am really loving the new version of ________!  It has been improved so much since the last version.  It ___________ and ___________ like never before.  My favorite part though, they added the ability to ___________.  I’ve never seen anything ___________ before, so of course I was very impressed.  Even better though, you can now ___________.  I’m also quickly becoming a fan of the new ___________ that they added.  (Yay, nondisclosure agreements!)

Trust me; you’ll love it too… some day.

Splitting Bound Domains – Keeping Everyone Happy

Having two domains mirroring one another, I wanted to split them up and actually use them for different purposes. But how can one safely split apart the domains without upsetting the folks and search engines referencing the domain that is going to be used for a new purpose? It turns out rather easily!

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Introduction to Object Oriented PHP

Over the next few php articles I write, I hope to delve into the depths of PHP and some of the ways it can best be utilized. To get started, we’ll begin with object oriented PHP programming. If this concept is new to you, have no fear. As long as you have an understanding of PHP in general, it is really rather simple, especially if we step through it bit by bit.

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